Know your beat

Choosing City-Islamabad was a simple decision. Even upon hearing that having no personal vehicle could be a problem, I was not worried. I knew I could work my way across the city using public transport.

A little while back I arrived on a scene at Secretariat Chowk where a small crowd had gathered. It turned out that the police had pulled a man out of his vehicle and beaten him, after his truck was found past the permissible line of a security cordon for the Chief Justice of Pakistan. It remains perhaps one of the most memorable times I wished being a reporter.

The city is littered with stories waiting to be told. Although there are news stories in the city I would like to report, I wish to do more as a feature writer.

An unheard of topic is that of a Punjabi mochi (cobbler) that I have managed to track down. It is indeed unusual in Islamabad where cobblers are overwhelmingly Pashtoons. I shall try to make that my first. I know I can find more profiles of similarly interesting nature.

With the polls for capital’s first-ever mayor just around the corner, I also intend to write a head to head comparison of two major candidates. This will be achieved by conducting interviews.

I also hope to report news stories. My first will be a follow up on razed kiosks in Islamabad, an issue that has not been resolved but has went out of the papers.

I intend to start with stories around my residence and then slowly, spread my area of work across the entire city.


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