PoA 1

The challenge presented is to recreate the ‘Deewar-e-Mehrbani’, to help the needy. Inspired by an original effort in Iran, the aim is to start an act of kindness that will bring something good to our society.

In response to the Do Good Mob’s university challenge, our team of 6 came up with a plan titled “Ao khilayen”. We observed that one of the foremost needs of any person is to have his/her stomach filled. The important place that is occupied by food and feeding in our culture and religion also appealed to us greatly. We decided that our effort would be concentrated on providing food to the hungry.

We sought out a location that would help gather as many hungry citizens as possible. A wall in F-7 was our final decision, as it is already being used to give out free food every day. Widely known and acknowledged to host such an activity, it would help in not just attracting the needy but also to gather donations to keep our activity going.

Our activity would include providing people a place to sit and eat comfortably.

Realizing that we would also need sponsors, we aimed to find two or more companies that produce food or related products. Examples could be K&Ns and Dalda. The publicity would be carried out via Facebook page and flyers in the university.

As the final thing to be decided, we needed to come up with something that would make our wall different. To bring something new to the activity, we proposed to provide a menu to people coming to our wall. Seeing that they always help themselves to whatever food is available, the experience of choosing their own food might be a first for many of them.

Even though our idea was termed as a ‘Good effort’, we were asked to come up with a plan that would help the poor directly. Come to think of it we don’t need the wall to feed the poor. We were then given the option of either replicating the wall or coming up with a better idea. The biggest thing of all, we actually have to do it on the 14th.


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