Reflection: Using Twitter search

Never having used Twitter and been gone from Facebook for a long time, I had only vague ideas about what I would find on the microblogging website’s search page.

No surprises: trending topics had tweets flowing from all sides.

My first search term was ‘Islamabad’. With the city’s team having qualified for Pakistan Super League’s (PSL) final recently, the page was full pf posts about Islamabad United. From journalists to politician Asad Umar and ordinary citizens between, everyone was rejoicing and hoping to see the trophy come to Islamabad. A popular and oft repeated tweet referring to the final was: “For the first time in history, Islamabad is going to take Quetta seriously.”

Here and there were posts about the recent snowfall in Islamabad, Imran Khan occasionally chipped in with a political post.

Narrowing it down I added the word ‘Beautiful’ before Islamabad. The results changed dramatically. PSL was not cut out completely, words like ‘Beautiful innings by Islamabad’s …’ could still be found. However, the page now mostly contained pictures from ordinary citizens that showed Islamabad in different colours.

I then used the term ‘Islamabad politics’ to search twitter. Again, great change but PSL still did not go away. However, with this came many new tweets, from Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) to some news channels. Even some Indian journalists had relevant posts.

Overall, the Twitter search showed it could come in handy if suitable prefixes and suffixes are used.


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