PoA 6

Problem/opportunity: The university is seen primarily as an institution for theoretical learning with very little emphasis on theoretical work. Because of this many aspiring students do not join the university.

Tribe: Youth aged between 15-18 years, as they will be possible entrants to the university in the coming few years. People interested in filmmaking and news reporting will be primarily targeted. These people might be spread across different socio-economic backgrounds but will have a few attributes in common. They all need to be curious kids who think they possess the creative spark that makes them fit for this field. Photographers, bloggers, writers etc can be potential targets. Their lifestyle should be built around their work.

Key response: Increased applicants to the department of Mass Communication.

Information/attributes: Testimonials of graduates and current students who already have or are going to join the field soon. Information on faculty and facilities as well as any landmark projects made by students during their time in the university can help.

Aspect of brand personality: The university needs to be shown as a place that encourages practical work and creative experimentation, and provides the right environment for the students to do so.

Budget: No constraints. An ad which is heavily spent on would show that the university has enough funds for the advertised facilities as well.


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