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NR&W 10: Follow up story

I chose a story about quality problems with the road building operations in Islamabad, which was published in Dawn in January.

It went well at the beginning, CDAs member engineering and Islamabad MNA Asad Umar responded quickly and informatively. However, I got stuck on the part where I needed some information from CADD who is a concerned party.

Determined to get the state minister, I dialled his number at regular intervals for three hours. I later told his assistant that if I didnt get a comment I would have to write that ‘the minister refused to comment despite repeated requests’. That did the trick.

The minister gave his comment, which really took the story to the whole new level, at 5pm. This meant that with final touches, I filed my story 1 hour after the deadline. Still, a good story beats good marks.


NR&W9: Audio Visual Slideshow

I chose Itwar Bazaar for my slideshow.

The data collection part was great. Had some decent photographs and good sounds as well. Enough material for a good news story.

The exciting part was a montage I had planned that would span to about 10 or 15 seconds, in which the merchandise sold in Itwar Bazaar would be shown, with voices of shop keepers naming their respective items. However, it was a major setback when I found myself dissatisfied with the quality of the montage during the editing process. I eventually left it out.

Otherwise it was decent, the transition from natural sound to the first speaker (Qaiser the coolie) was particularly good. The watermelon vendor made everyone smile. However, during the class screening that a picture of the Metro Bus terminal was misplaced. But sir understood that.

PoA 9: Posters for Pantene

In the Pantene ad it is noticeable that all girls with labels attached to them had tied-up hair. As the last woman let her hair down, the slogan ‘Don’t let labels hold you back appeared’. The slogan and hashtag will be written on each poster.

Using the same idea, photos of women with tied up hair will be used in the 3 poster campaign. The words bossy, pushy, vain will be written on the bands that hold the girls hair. It is an attempt to show that the labels hold back women (by holding their hair).

A sample poster is given below

Bossy 2.png

PoA 8: Tourism Australia

Big idea in one sentence: A tour of Australia is better than one’s expectations, the unforgettable experience will turn feelings upside down.

1.Arrived to add a new dimension to my life
Departed feeling I had never really lived before


2 Arrived to lose my worries
Departed having found myselflooking out to sea.jpg

3. Arrived to see a single country
Departed having a whole new world.australia-mountain-scenery-wallpaper-1

PoA 7: The Hitchhikers guide to Pakistan

Our social media campaign will be titled ‘The Blend into Pakistan Challenge’. A hashtag of the same name will be used. Participants will need to post photos on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from their tours to Pakistan. Multiple entries will be encouraged. In the end 15 of the best photos will be selected and their owners will be awarded a month long paid trip to different areas of Pakistan.

The objective is to encourage foreign tourists to try out Pakistan’s dresses and custom, and they will have to provide testimony that they have been doing that on their trip.  The photos will become a guide for later tourists, who will not only see the soft side of Pakistan but also the ways of navigating through the country while on tour.