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8 brands that should have official outlets in Pakistan


Official outlets mean absolutely no doubts in the authenticity of the product. Pakistan needs more than used imports or cheap remakes of products that the world lives by. Here are 8 outlets that we need official outlets of.

8. Gibson Guitar Corporation

Used by greats such as Jimmy Page and Slash, Gibson guitars are known for their iconic rock sound around the globe. Music played on Gibson guitars has been reaching pakistan for a long time, it’s high time the guitars came to.



7. Harley Davidson motor company

The American Motorcycle company has been identified with lone rangers through the years. Motorcyclists in Pakistan need to have access to better machines to cruise through the country.



6. Lexus

Lexus makes cars that are at once, reliable, high performing and stylish. Pakistan has only limited access to parent company Toyota. While Lexus does not make cars for every segment, there are still a lot of people who would buy them in Pakistan.





5. H&M

The company’s logo is ‘fashion and quality at the best price’. Well we want fashion and quality too, not to mention better prices.



4. Mont Blanc writing instruments

The German maker of pens and inks is just whats missing from our professional lives. With no official outlet, we’re stuck with cheap local makes that are just not upto the task.




3. One Plus Mobile Phones

One Plus is known as a reliable manufacturer of budget phones. Opening an official outlet would give options against low quality Chinese phones that are readily available in the market.

oneplus x.jpg

2. Starbucks

Being one of the largest coffee companies in the world, Starbucks is a major name missing in Pakistan. Having better coffee might make our workdays easier!


1.  Apple

This may come as a surprise since we already see so many Apple products lying around, the American tech giant still has no official outlet in Pakistan. If we get one, rates might become lower and services might become improved.